Blocks Together (BT) is a membership-based community organizing group in the West Humboldt Park (WHP) neighborhood on Chicago’s West Side. Since 1995, BT has empowered residents to work together for systematic changes that bring concrete improvement to their lives. We tackle social justice issues relating to education, housing, economic justice and the criminalization of youth. We frame our work through the lens of racial justice and human rights and we emphasize ongoing political education and connection of our campaigns to broader social justice movements.

BT members are individuals who work, worship, live, access services or go to school in West Humboldt Park. BT is firmly committed to the idea that collective leadership by those most affected by an issue is the way to build lasting change. Members lead at every level of the organization. At the committee level they determine all campaign issues to be addressed, develop and carry out strategies and do ongoing base-building. The Board of Directors is composed entirely of our most dedicated members from each committee (including youth members) that have been elected by the membership to oversee the organization as a whole.