Blocks Together Wins New State Law to Reform Chicago Public SchoolsMarch 5, 2019

Sept. 1, 2018

Public Act 100-0965 recently passed by the Illinois legislature improves the facility planning process within Chicago Public Schools to allow for more advanced planning and transparency around school buildings and future school planning. This legislation is a response to the public outcry for more equity and transparency in the unenrollment issues in the many communities and building needs.

The law requires the 10-year educational facility master plan to include specific plans for special education programs, early childhood education programs, career and technical education programs, and any other programs that are space sensitive to avoid space irregularities. This ensures long term planning should incorporate as much data and information to support schools in the best planning for academic success.

There must be a communications and community involvement plan for each community that includes engagement of students, school-based personnel, parents, and key stakeholders throughout the community for more community input in the long term planning for school communities avoiding facility decisions that can negatively impact students.

The law also mandates for the district to create a public process to show when critical repairs to buildings will be addressed and any school building disposition should include advanced planning to prevent vacant schools through advanced planning of potential school vacancies.

CPS must create a process for public hearings and submitting public comments on the Master Educational Facilities plan and the capital budget. This law also mandates that capital budget projects moving forward must have public documentation of the work to be done, the justification of why this project is needed, and the progress of the project.

By December 1, 2018, the CPS board must adopt a policy to address under-enrolled schools that contains a list of potential interventions to address schools with declining enrollment that can include joint use of the school with an outside entity, redraft attendance boundaries to maximize student enrollment, and work with under enrolled schools to identify opportunities to increase enrollment.

Any future school actions must include detailed planning on the supports for the receiving schools of students and how CPS will support them.

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