Our Education committee operates on the core principle that education allows people access to more opportunities and an increased ability to participate in activities that benefit the entire community. BT asserts that equitable, high quality education is a right, and that parents and community members also have the right to contribute to and improve the learning conditions at neighborhood schools and other institutions. BT is dedicated to developing grassroots leadership for improvements in neighborhood schools, and we believe that this extends to parents, community members, and the students themselves.

WHP schools are a collection of vulnerable populations (low income, special education, and English learners) that need services and resources that adequately address their needs. Blocks Together education agenda is focused on parent leadership and involvement in local schools, strengthening democracy and community oversight in schools and the system, and advocating for resources and equity in our local schools. Our parent members have students that go to school in West Humboldt Park. They determine all issues to be addressed and recruit additional leaders to participate in the work to improve education while learning the concrete skills to be better advocates and parent leaders.

In addition to our education committee, some of our parents are a part of our Parent Network, the network is over fifty parents that meet monthly to network with each other, learn from each other and strategize about school and community wide problems with the support from each other and Blocks Together staff.

Humboldt Park Parent Network  is made up of parents who reside in the Humboldt Park area.  The Network is a responsible for creating confident parent leaders and advocates of education. The Parent Network meetings provide leadership training that can help benefit the education of the children in the HP community. Parent Network works with parents and the community to inform and empower.  Meetings are held once a month at the BT office or other schools.

Check out these Parent Resources:

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