Our School. Our ‘Hood. Our Voice!December 20, 2011

West Humboldt Park is being hit again this year by the destabilizing school takeover actions called “Turnaround” – where teachers, staff and administration of a school are laid off and a management agency with a mixed track record, AUSL, takes over the school. In 08′ BT discovered that AUSL was pushing out students within the first days of “Turnaround” at Orr Academy. Now that AUSL is slated to take over Piccolo and Cassals, Orr parents shared their first-hand experience of AUSL and warned parents about AUSL’s failure to live up to the promises it made to the community in ’08. Piccolo’s current principal already has a school improvement plan and has started to make gains in the four months she has been at Piccolo. “What we need is support from CPS. We don’t need a Turnaround” said Ms. Cheap Chicago car rental . Jenkins, a Piccolo parent, at their first press conference.

Schools slated for turnaround are supposed to be among the lowest performing in the district. That’s not the case for the new schools slated for turnaround; dozens of schools scored lower than Casals Elementary, for instance, where 62 percent of students meet standards on the ISAT. In their demonstrations at their alderman’s office and the Mayor’s office, Cassals parents said they don’t need a turnaround.

BT parents and students at both schools participated in the historic takevoer of the CPS Boad of Education meeting and are working together to challenge the public relations lies about our schools. School take-overs by private hands turn us around in the wrong direction!