State Sen. Iris Martinez – the chief sponsor of SB3239 — and her co-sponsor State Sen. Mattie Hunter, have launched an ONLINE PETITION – urging parents, students, community members, educators and the public to SHOW YOUR SUPPORT FOR A 1-YEAR MORATORIUM ON CPS SCHOOL ACTIONS AND TURNAROUNDS!  State Rep. Cynthia Soto, chief sponsor of HB4487 (the companion bill in the State House) is also urging the public to SIGN ON TODAY!  And let everyone know, this is another critically important step you can take to restore fairness and common sense to efforts to improve all of our neighborhood public schools.  Here is the message that Sen. Martinez, Rep. Soto, and Sen. Hunter are sending out – Please join in!

As you know, Chicago Public Schools are struggling to provide our children the quality education that is necessary to put them on a path for a successful future. CPS administrators have decided one way to “fix” this problem is to close failing schools.

Unfortunately, the process that CPS has chosen to close these facilities has been detrimental to many families in Chicago. Even more concerning, is CPS’ lack of interest in hearing from those most affected by their decisions.
I am sponsoring a measure that would put a one-year school closure moratorium on all CPS closures to allow the public the opportunity to be heard by CPS officials.   The one-year moratorium would also give CPS more time to create and implement required transitional plans identifying academic support, security, and transportation issues before students are re-assigned.
Please visit to sign a petition showing your support for a one-year moratorium on school facility closures and do not forget to forward it on to your friends.

Springfield Updates:

ALL OF YOUR STATE LEGISLATORS ARE HOME THIS WEEK – HAVE YOU STOPPED BY TO VISIT THEM, AND URGE THEIR SUPPORT FOR SB3239 AND HB4487?  Nothing takes the place of face to face contact with YOUR elected representatives!

–  State Sen. Kwame Raoul has yet to sign on as a co-sponsor of SB3239 – even though he’s pledged to some of his constituents to do so, and even though 4 of the 17 schools impacted by CPS School Actions and Turnaround Plans are in his District.

–  State Sens. Lightford and Annazette Collins – though they are co-sponsors of SB3239 – were not in attendance at the March 6th State Senate Education Committee.

–  SB3239 is still ALIVE:Sen. Martinez requested – and got – a deadline extension until March 31st to move the bill out of the Senate Education Committee.

–  HB4487  is being “held” in the State House Rules Committee.

–   A “Subject Matter” Hearing in the State House Elementary and Secondary Education Committee may take place during the week of March 26th in Springfield.  A “Subject Matter” hearing would offer an opportunity for parent, student, educator and community voices to be heard. Confirmation and details to follow if/when they emerge.

TODAY – SIGN THE ONLINE PETITION, and urge others to do the same!